I was treated to a nice, relaxing, full body & mayan abdominal massage the day after my birthday..it was a surprise gift from my hubby!  Guess, he knows I needed it badly!!

The place is called "Tao of Venus".  They offer various healing and restorative treatments such as acupuncture, relaxing massages, sauna detox and facials...As the name suggests, they mainly focus on women's health, though men are also very much welcome.

They have just recently moved to a new location and the place is just awesome!  It's a quiet, peaceful retreat in the middle of such a busy area!  From the moment you step in, you'll feel your body relax...from the soothing aroma to the sound of flowing water. 

For the massage, I was given the option to choose from swedish, deep tisssue or hot stone.  I chose swedish as I'm not a fan of deep tissue and I'm scared of the hot stones (lol).  The massage was not extraordinary but was more than okay...it loosened up my stiff and aching muscles..and I felt I can carry my baby for 5 hours straight after! (you know I'm joking, right?)  

Now, the mayan abdominal massage...that one, I just love!!!  This was my second time to go to Tao of Venus for this massage.  The first time was more than a year ago and was because I was having difficulty getting pregnant.  The said massage focuses on the abdominal area and helps put internal organs in their proper places (not that my liver is located where my uterus is supposed to be!).  It basically guides the uterus to the center and clears blockages for better reproductive health.  Well,  I guess it worked since I got pregnant after ONE session with Beth (the owner)!

Before the massage, Beth will ask you questions on what your concerns are and what you expect from the session.  Then she'll explain how the massage can help address those issues.  She's very thorough and takes time to talk to every client.  You won't feel rushed in any way.  The massage lasted for an hour and was like 3/4 spent on the abdominal area and 1/4 on the back and legs.

After the massage, they have a relaxation area at the back where you can drink tea, water or just sit and read from a collection of books.

My only disappointment with the place is the lack of parking area.  They have a 2-hour street parking at the front...which, unfortunately, was very much full when we got there.  So, if you have an appointment booked, be sure to be there early so you can scour the area for parking.

I'll definitely go back...probably to try their acupuncture!  By the way, forgot to mention that their prices are reasonable too. 

Just in case you want to check them out, their website is http://www.taoofvenus.com.

What a birthday surprise...such bliss!!

Okay, now back to reality....I think I hear my baby crying...

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