It's almost Christmas and when I watch The Filipino Channel, instead of the usual news about Christmas celebrations and preparations, I see the disaster brought about by typhoon Sendong (Washi).  It was devastating to see our 'kababayans' suffer this much, lose so many loved ones and stripped off all of their belongings a week before Christmas.  It made me can someone even celebrate under these circumstances?

I was watching the news and they interviewed an official from Mindanao State University.  He said, one good thing that came out of this was they saw the people unite...Christians and Muslims alike.  Everyone was there to help each other without regard for religion, gender or status in life...It is sad that it would take a catastrophe like this for us to realize that we should all be united.  Shouldn't we be at peace with everyone everyday?

Christmas became Christmas because Jesus Christ gave Himself for us...That is why it is called the Season of Giving.  So during this time, what better way to celebrate than for us to give a part of ourselves to others.  Let us join hands and help our 'kababayans' in need.  

I have posted links to some websites that are accepting donations.  Hope you can give a little bit of your savings, used clothing or some of your time this Christmas.

World Vision Philippines                   -
700 Club Asia (Operation Blessing)    -
Philippine Red Cross                        -
ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya                - and
GMA Kapuso Foundation                   -

Merry Christmas and God bless you!
    I've been a World Vision sponsor for around 5 years now and I don't regret a single moment of it.  The first time I walked to one of their booths inside a mall in the Philippines, I instantly knew I would be a sponsor for life...

    As of today, my family sponsors two kids in gradeschool...which, we're hoping will be 10 or time...

    Just in case you or someone you know would like to sponsor kids in the Philippines so they can go to school...please fill out this form and contact World Vision Philippines.  You can forward the form to them thru fax, email or mail.  Really, any way would be great! =)   

    The amount to sponsor is only Php 600 a month...I'm not sure how much if in US$ (if you're outside the Philippines & using a non-Peso credit or debit card)..if you're interested, you can contact them directly or you can let me know and I can ask them for you.   

    Hope you can join us in this truly rewarding experience.  You can write to your sponsored kid and you will also receive pictures & updates from them.  Everything goes through World Vision so you don't have to worry about family members taking advantage (asking for gifts, money, etc).  

    Imagine, for such a small amount, you can help a child fulfill his/her dreams of going to school..   

    Thanks and may God bless you & your family..