My aunt normally stays at our place when she babysits our daughter.  It's convenient for everyone and we have nothing to worry about since everything is available when she needs it.  The crib, highchair, toys...they're all within reach.

This day, however, we need to drop our baby off at her place because she can't come over...there's a first time for everything...and here's the start of my story...

My husband woke me up like two hours before what my body clock is used to.  

(Note:  If you know me well, you would know that I cannot function properly under two circumstances.  First, when I'm hungry...and second, when I have less than seven hours of sleep.  Brain functionality decreases even further for every hour taken out.)

After a quick breakfast, I decided to take a nap beside my daughter...Bad idea.  I slept for a full hour!! 

Okay, it's not really late and I have lots of time left.  I already prepared her diaper bag the night before so there's nothing much to do.  As soon as my daughter woke up, I fed her breakfast, cleaned and dressed her we're ready to go to my aunt's place.

 Uh, except for one thing...I can't find the keys to the garage...

I searched purse, the kitchen, bedroom, living room...I even checked the fridge!  Nope...nowhere to be found!  I was getting really stressed out and was blaming my husband for losing the keys (called him like ten times just to make sure he knows.)  I was asking help from my guardian angel when I decided to look at the diaper bag for the fifth time.  Lo and behold!  It's in one of the pockets!!  No idea how it got there but thank God!!  After almost an hour, we can go now!

So here's what I can share from this harrowing experience:

1.  Prepare everything the night before. 
2.  Take more than enough of everything.  Bottles, milk, baby food, clothes, bibs, diapers, baby wipes, towels.
3.  Bring your baby's favorite toy (or security object).  It's important for your child to have a "piece of home" with her/him.
4.  Visualize a typical day at home with your baby to double check if you have packed everything she/he needs.
5.  Try to stay for at least half an hour before leaving her/him alone with the babysitter.  This is better for the baby because it gives them time to relax and get used to the new surroundings.
6.  Be calm when you leave and be quick with the goodbyes.  Your baby will probably cry when you go but don't worry, she'll stop when she gets distracted.
7.  Know where your keys are!!!

We're lucky to have my aunt as our daughter's babysitter.  We know our baby is in good hands...but dropping her off at my aunt's place the second time...? Uhhhm...what was the question again...?

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