My daughter has four teeth now!!!  It was cool seeing her with all those teeth...I feel like she's no longer an "infant" in my eyes...aaaaw...she's growing so fast!

Teething usually starts around four to seven months.  Usually, the two bottom teeth will be the first to come out. 
So, what are the signs that your baby might be teething?

- excessive drooling
- fussy or cries a lot
- body temperature is higher than usual (not fever)
- cries or seems irritated when you touch the gums
- don't want to eat
- soft stools

According to our doctor, some babies even lose weight when teething.  It's because some of them doesn't want to eat...if you have concerns about your baby's weight or if your child has a fever, contact your pediatrician.

We were lucky our daughter didn't give us a hard time during her teething phase...only a day or two of being extremely fussy.  The first time (two bottom teeth were coming out), I had no idea what's wrong with her.  She wants to be held all the time and would sometimes want to chew on something her crib or, in some cases, my shoulders! 

To ease the discomfort, chilled teethers help.  We alternate three or four teethers...while she's using one, the rest were chillin' in the fridge.  I never thought of using pain relievers as I don't deem them necessary.  Teething is a normal process every baby has to go through...and I feel that if I give pain meds, she won't get used to "little bits" of discomfort...aside from the teethers, we gave her lots of hugs instead!

Time goes by a few years, we'll be getting visits from the tooth fairy for these..

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