I was cleaning my daughter’s dresser this weekend and I can’t believe how big she’s grown.  I mean, she’s almost a year old, I know…but I still see her as the infant the nurse handed over to me in the delivery room… 

    A sense of nostalgia swept over me as I folded clothes that no longer fit her.  Clothes she’ll never wear again.  I was looking at her old onesies and jumpsuits and I can’t believe she used to be that tiny!!! 

    Now she’s starting to learn how to walk and do all these things that make us laugh.  She knows how to shake hands, give high fives, clap and wave bye bye.  She would also do this cute little squint when we ask her to show us her “beautiful eyes” and would look like she’ll give us a smooch when we ask her to do “baho” (which means “unpleasant odor” in Filipino).  Well, it might be "baho" to her but it will always be a smooch for me!  

    I still stand in awe thinking how a 7.9 lbs little baby could do so much in just 11 months.  I think sometimes, as parents, we get too excited on the milestones our baby achieves we forget to take time and ‘breathe’ the moment.  

    Every day is precious.  Every day is a milestone. 

    I guess it’s something I have to accept (and swallow like a big pill) as a mother.  My baby would grow up…and even if I don’t want to think about it now, she’ll be a know-it-all teenager sooner than I can imagine. 

    So starting today, I vow to not wait for BIG milestones.  She’ll get there on her own time…she’ll learn how to walk when she’s ready…for now, I’ll cherish those moments where she still allows (and even enjoys) me carrying her…even if my arms would hurt after a while…   

    And if you are curious as to what “beautiful eyes” and “baho” look like:
showing off my beautiful eyes!
hmmmm...i think something doesn't smell right....

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