It's our daughter's first Halloween and I'm so excited to dress her up!  From the hundreds of costumes to choose from...what would she be?  Of course, we want her to be as cute as a button!  But I don't want to spend too much, really...she'll wear it once or twice and that's it.  I was also looking for something that's comfortable to wear...I don't want her costume to be too bulky or itchy. 

Looking back at her past pictures, there's a few that would already count as costumes:
at 3 months, she was a Ballerina
at 9 months, she was a Hippie
then, a Witch
at 10 months, she's a Ghost / Photographer
Okay...the last one doesn't really count.

We never really had a hard time choosing the perfect outfit for her...we just looked at her cute chubby cheeks and we knew what she'll be...she's going to be our cute little pumpkin! 

We'll be posting pictures soon!  Oh, can't wait!!!  Happy Halloween!

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