Happy New Year! 

Apologies for not posting my greeting a week earlier.  Been super busy lately...plus, our daughter is sprouting a couple more teeth (started after New Year's) and we are trying our best to comfort her.  She was never really cranky or got a fever when her other teeth came out (she already has seven!)...this time, it was different...the notorious molars are to blame.  Her temperature was higher than normal for the past three days and she gets fever at dawn.  She also has flushed cheeks which kinda look like rashes.  Thank God she's feeling a lot better now...we can now get our much needed Zzzz's....and I can write my blog.

Can't believe 2011 has passed and we're now on 2012!  Something I love about New Years is that even though it's an extension of the Christmas festive spirit (or hangover), it makes me feel like I can just wipe the slate clean when I wake up the next day.  A fresh year = New beginnings.  It's like I've been reborn and have powers to erase the mistakes I made the prior year.  Maybe that's the exact reason why people make new year resolutions.  Subconsciously, we are hoping we can correct the mistakes of the past.  But then again, new year resolutions are meant to be broken.  Come on...be honest, do you think you can keep up with your resolutions by June?  or even February???

That's why I no longer made a list of my resolutions.  Instead, my husband and I wrote down our dreams...our plans for this year and years to come...Because for us, resolutions are like burdens!  And when it gets too heavy to carry, you give up (read: I promise to jog every morning)...the resolution falls apart and you'll make another promise to try again next year!  In short, resolutions are normally short-lived.  But dreams...they're different...dreams will motivate you...push you...especially when you pray for it everyday.  Dreams are long term...

We somewhat got this idea from our bible study group a couple of years ago...at the start of the year we all wrote down our wishes & prayers and placed it inside a sealed envelope with our names on it.  We placed all the letters in a box and prayed over them after every gathering.  Then at the end of that year, we opened our envelopes and reflected on them.  It was a thanksgiving for all the prayers granted and also for those that were not.    

I guess this is a better way of welcoming each year...a sense of gratitude for what has been and thanksgiving for what is yet to come.  Reflecting on the year gone by and offering a prayer for the year to be.

Again, Happy New Year and may all our dreams come true.  God bless! 

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