Okay...after years of trying to create a blog site...I finally made one..yay!!

It's ironic...just when I no longer have the time to even brush my hair, it's when I found the time to make a blog...funny how motherhood inspired me...

Let me start by introducing myself.  I'm Trish...I'm married and six months ago, God gave me the privilege to add "mommy" to the list of my achievements.  Giving birth was such an amazing experience for me, especially since it took me and my husband more than a year of trying before I got pregnant.

I can say that nothing can compare to the joys of motherhood...BUT, there was also nothing which prepared me for all the "motherly tasks" ahead...As with, probably, most new moms, I learn as I go...I try to learn as much as I can from my baby, mom, friends, books, anybody and anything...I used to joke with my husband about being the first child in the family, you're the practice baby..LOL. =) 

Here's hoping that my blogs will help future, new and seasoned moms one way or another...


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